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It’s not a word chanted at the start of a rugby match nor is it fancy nougat or a posh person’s way of saying hello. Pronounced hoo-gah, Hygge is in fact a form of light, cosy togetherness particularly enjoyed by, some might say, the happiest of people, the Danish.…

What’s in a Ring?

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Olympic Rings

The Olympics and Paralympics 2016 is upon us. From a marketing perspective it’s a done deal, easy peasy, tried and tested formula of various icons, flags and symbols to promote the games and more importantly unity. Unity within the games and global unity.…

How do you like your eggs in the morning…? In Mary Berry’s Simnel Cake?

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In an egg cup with soldiers or fried, runny and accompanied by crispy bacon. We won't get into the bread type/butter/ketchup argument! We think it’s safe to say that at this time of year the

humble egg is quietly whisked into the spot light by way of Easter, spring, symbolic new beginnings and anything and everything chocolatey.…

Bartender, Bartender, there is a fly in my pint.

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"Bartender, bartender, there's a fly in my pint".

Or, back in the day it would probably have been a bourbon with a smattering of dust floating on top, and so commenced the birth of the coaster. As our mega Atomic accessories sale approaches, we thought it only fitting that we delved into the history of one of the most unassuming but most utilised accessories of the modern day.…

The Witty One-Liner

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So Fathers Day has been and gone, as has the summer equinox, Ali G, Ed Milliband, the new years resolution diet and the Hobbit films.  Yet despite the sure but cyclical nature of events, weather, celebrations and the fickle and unpredictable nature of popular culture; what remains a constant source of amusement, a pick me up when times are tough and life is lack lustre, is the cornerstone of comedy, that silly slap in the face, the witty one-liner.…

Eggstremely Eggy Easter

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Step into spring with an EGGcellent range of easter- egg inspired designs.

Here at Atomic Threads we decided to take the humour road to easter and furnish the humble egg with some personality.  Take our vintage gentleman eggs with their top hats, bowler hats, ‘taches, and glasses adorning their ovally baldness…

well Eggscuse me…


…or perhaps the not so gentlemanly but very amusing ‘Got laid’ ,one for the blokes perhaps?  …

Get your Mug on!

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It’s often said that a nice big hot mug of brew can pretty much help to iron out most of life’s little annoyances, so here at Atomic Threads we’ve had a bit of a January/February mug fest.



Standard mugs, large latte mugs, however big your fix just grab a mug and top it up with your favourite hot, comforting cosy drink to warm up the winter.…

Food, food glorious food!

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Some of us always think Christmas is THE best time to rid yourself of the guilt and eat and drink to your heart’s content. In our food and drink range we pay homage to the particularly naughty food stuffs of that popular 50’s hang out – The Diner !…