Eggstremely Eggy Easter

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Step into spring with an EGGcellent range of easter- egg inspired designs.

Here at Atomic Threads we decided to take the humour road to easter and furnish the humble egg with some personality.  Take our vintage gentleman eggs with their top hats, bowler hats, ‘taches, and glasses adorning their ovally baldness…

well Eggscuse me…


…or perhaps the not so gentlemanly but very amusing ‘Got laid’ ,one for the blokes perhaps?  There’s plenty of female easter choices with our ‘Coop Cakes’ and ‘Eggplant’, oh yes the egg puns just keep on hatching.

gotlaidmenstshirt-10970-686 coopcakeswomenstshirt-10966-635 eggplantmug-10973-71

On the subject of cakes it would be fun to infuse some Atomic magic into our very own queen of cakes, Mary Berry. What Berry would Mary be…raspberry, gooseberry…. hmmmm? Don’t write in :).

Mary Berry Raspberry 1

Not even choc bunny escapes with his head in tact when he’s hopping around with his friends.

 How do you celebrate easter?


So it would seem that even bunnies have issues. Cuddly, soft, cute, adorable, loved little emotional bundles of bunny fluff so why is it they feel hollow inside?


And it’s not  just the rabbits who are unhappy about this, a word to Cadbury, Thorntons, Lindt and Reese WE WANT SOLID CHOCOLATE please.  Lets end with a sing song though and instead of waking to eggs with bacon sing it out loud like every good Elton ballad should be… ‘Don’t go bacon my heart….. I couldn’t if I fried’.


Hippy, happy, hoppy easter !

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