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Atomic Threads loves 80’s Movie songs!

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80’s Movie Songs!

80’s movie songs. Let’s face it, we all are guilty when it comes to 80’s Movie songs! There is at least one song that struck you as a child, that sat within your musical memory banks and made you want to dance around like a person in an 80’s bubble of madness!…

Atomic Threads on Daft Punk!

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Random Access Memories

Daft Punk are back! Love them or hate them Daft Punk are certainly creating waves with their latest installment of funk fueled disco beats!

And just when you thought they had run out of ideas, along comes Pharrell of N*E*R*D and the legendary Nile Rodgers to add just a sprinkling of hip-hop, funk and soul and to the electronic dance world!…

Atomic Threads top TV and Film motors!

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We love all kinds of awesome motors here at Atomic Threads, and we can thank TV and Film for introducing us to some of the best motors in the world!

Whether it be good old fashion VW beetles, Choppers, Muscle Cars or low down and dirty Rat Rods, you just can’t beat that vintage look of chrome and looks, mixed with the sound of some of these awesome engines!…