Boo to YOU from our crew.

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Halloween. It’s a night for setting traps, it’s a night for busting ghosts and it’s a night not to give in to the luxury of a long glorious sleep….well, unless you want to be rudely awoken by a disfigured face with a hand of very sharp knife blades.


Freddy Kruger

Freddy Kruger


Never Sleep Again


Nothing says horror ‘cheese’ complete with fake blood, mechanical dog devils, holographic ghosts and vampire teeth quite like a 1980’s comedy horror. So to reincarnate the silly slasher, ghostly ghouls and creepy cloaked people we have given an Atomic after life to some of our faves just in time for Halloween.


Who You Gonna Call?


Sleep All Day


Now You Know


Ghost Trap


And on the night of Hallows Eve be sure to have your trick or treat bags ready because you never know who will come a knocking…..





Slimer got Treats


…or maybe they won’t knock. …… People are strange, costumes are weird and you don’t want to find out what’s lurking underneath that mask; friend or foe, ghost ghoul, gremlin or just another guy from school or work who happens to be either a vampire or a psycho killer.

Our advice; stay inside, lock the doors and windows leave the candy on the doorstep and settle down to a marathon of ghostbusters. You might just last the night …… woohooHaaaaaaaaaaaa…….

(you tube trailer for the lost boys)

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