Atomic Threads top TV and Film motors!

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We love all kinds of awesome motors here at Atomic Threads, and we can thank TV and Film for introducing us to some of the best motors in the world!

Whether it be good old fashion VW beetles, Choppers, Muscle Cars or low down and dirty Rat Rods, you just can’t beat that vintage look of chrome and looks, mixed with the sound of some of these awesome engines!

Some of our favourite motors appear in some of the best TV and films ever made. Car chases, crashes, the good and the bad, none of these would be the same without a super cool motor to carry them around.

Take a look at just some of our favourites and let us know what you think!

TV and Film motors!

VW Beetle

Possibly one of the most iconic of cars is the VW Beetle, and who other than our good friend Herbie to start the ball rolling!



1968 Mustang GT 390 Fastback

This amazing car in both looks and sound was made famous in the film Bullitt by the legendary actor Steve McQueen. Quite possibly the best car chase ever!

Sit back, turn up, and enjoy the sound of that V8 and some tyre shredding action!



Dodge Charger

Now that you have been introduced to Bullitt and that awesome car chase scene, you may have possibly noticed the presence of another legendary Muscle Car known as the Dodge Charger!

The most famous Dodge Charger in our eyes is none other than good old General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard! Are you ready for more dirty V8?



DeLorean DMC-12

Maybe not the best car in the world, but definitely an all time legend in the film world! Anyone who lived in the 80’s wanted this gull-winged beauty on their driveway! This is one for you Back To The Future fans!



1979 Ferrari 308 GTS

No moustache is complete without an awesome car right? Well check this baby out! When you think of Ferrari you think of this. One of the most popular car shapes of all time, coupled with the huge popularity of Magnum PI started a tidal wave of sales for Ferrari in the 80’s.


So there you go, just some of our favourite cars from some of the greatest TV and Films of all time!

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