Eraserhead mens t-shirt



The dark surrealism of David Lynch's debut production "Eraserhead" are hard to forget about after your first watch. With disturbing, weird images throughout, Eraserhead got some very mixed reviews from the get go, being called "A sickening, bad taste exercise" and "murkily pretentious". Well, if that's not enough to get you exited we don't know what will! With time however, the reviews got better and better, until eventually Eraserhead was being praised as Lynch's best work of all time, with latter pieces failing to even compare! If you're a big fan of old school, frankly insane movies, and want to help the funding of future movies, buying this t-shirt won't help at all! HOWEVER, if you want a really cool t-shirt paying homage to an amazingly weird film, and just want to look downright awesome, this this tee really IS the tshirt for you!  

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