Adventures Into Darkness mens t-shirt



What would you do in this poor guys position? You're just taking a simple stroll late evening through a graveyard, as you do when all of a sudden you come across some hunchback Doctor "zombie" Doom looking dude carrying round dead bodies on his back... And now he's giving you "The Look"! Well, the way we here at Atomic Thread's see it, you have two options. You could either go towards the aptly named "Murder Mansion" and try your look with the residents at the "Murder Mansion". Because, of course, the people who live at "The Murder Mansion" are going to be lovely hosts, and would gladly give you a room at "THE MURDER MANSION" for the night. OR, just do the mash. The monster mash. We're sure it would be a graveyard smash. The monster mash! And would catch on in a flash. Are you a fan of comic books you've never heard of? Or have you actually heard of this buried gem of the comic world! If so you're going to love this t-shirt, made just for you! Yes you!  

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